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Laser Hair Removal

Target specific areas to permanently remove unwanted hair

Body Waxing

Remove hair at the root and lengthen growth time

Fat Dissolving Injections

Emphasize sharp facial features and non-surgically remove excess weight

Brow + Lash

Thicken and define sparse eyebrows and lackluster lashes

PRP Injections

Reverse hair loss with your body's own natural, regenerative properties with revolutionary treatment

IV Therapy

Feeling sluggish, stressed, or just in need of a boost? Get back to your energetic self with our IV Therapy treatments!


Our Services

Be free and confident with state-of-the-art hair laser treatments. Clear away blemishes in hard-to-reach areas.

Clear away unwanted hair growth instantly with full body waxing or permanently with Laser Hair Removal treatments. Cleanse the body with back facials by removing blemishes from oil, dirt and skin-cell turnover.

Machine cosmetology

hair + body

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